With over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development and peek performance training, Thom has worked to develop new techniques and strategies to help athletes, business professionals and those individuals who are seeking a higher level of personal performance. Thom’s diverse list of clients include personal clients, actors, sports professionals, business executives and corporations that understand the importance of establishing goal oriented objectives and recognize the opportunity to train and develop the mental skill sets to support those initiatives.



Thom has appeared on stage with such notable figures as Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many more delivering his unique form of entertainment and education. Branded as “Edutainment”, Thom delivers a powerful message on the Power of the Mind and the importance of establishing powerful habits and belief systems using subconscious mind strategies. A world Renowned Hypnotherapist with a background in marketing, sales and personal development, Thom has the ability to both amaze and entertain his audiences while demonstrating the power of the mind.


For over a decade, Thom Kaz has been mesmerizing the world with his unique blend of hypnotic entertainment and has given birth to a new breed of mysticism with his high energy hypnosis comedy show, Hypnaughty. Named “One of the Best” by USA Today and Voted “Best Comedy Hypnosis Show” in Vegas 6 years straight, Thom Kaz has blended traditional comedy hypnosis with lasers, dancers and music creating an interactive experience designed to entertain while introducing his audience to the power of the mind.



Mental Edge Golf is a unique mental training program that integrates education and application to train the fundamentals needed to achieve maximum performance and consistency while lowering scores. A graduate of the National Guild and a Master Practitioner of NLP and Peak Performance Coaching Institute, the Mental Edge Golf program is designed to introduce golfers at any level to the necessary principles and strategies to get the most out of their individual performance. Thom’s Mental Edge Golf column was featured in several National and International publications and he has appeared on television and radio sharing the powerful mental training secrets used by professionals and low handicap amateurs across the globe.


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